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Business & Corporate

Mental health based webinars for Businesses & Corporate Clients. Our Webinars can be either live and interactive webinars or recorded webinars for employees  to watch at their own time  and are facilitated by experienced Cognitive Behavioural Therapists and  with access to BraintrainersUK resources.

Our Webinars are bespoke to each client, after our initial discussions we take the time to develop the webinar specifically for you, with tailor made surveys and consultation.

Our Services

Due to the corona virus we are offering more opportunity for  online CBT, with Individual therapy.  Mental health  clinics  via live Webinars and coming soon our live Webinar mental health  6-week courses  based on CBT strategies . All these services are available to individuals and organisations who are looking to support their staff with their mental health.

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As an organisation are you Mentally Prepared for your staffs wellbeing?

Would you like to take part in our survey and have a member of the team contact you to discuss your concerns or requirements and how we can assist your business and your staff during these difficult times?

Why invest in a BraintrainersUK CBT webinars ?

Within the UK mental health problems in the workplace, cost the economy approximately £70 billion annually and 91 million workdays are lost in the UK, due to symptoms of mental illness.


These staggering figures show how many people are struggling with their mental health and how this affects their daily lives. This highlights how much money is lost, through absenteeism and a decrease in productivity. Its currently a lose -lose situation. However there is a way to avoid this happening in your company. WHO has estimated that for every £1 a company invests into training  and support of mental health disorders, they see a return of £4, with improved health and productivity. Now that is a win -win situation?


What we have to offer includes Live webinars, facilitated by experienced Cognitive Behavioural Therapists and access to BraintrainersUK resources. The 3-6 week Courses have access to a CBT Therapist in between the session to support you in getting the most out of the courses CBT Strategies. The sessions are recorded to enable you to either enjoy the live sessions or be able to watch this at the best time for you.  Let us help you to put the pieces of your puzzle back together to see the whole picture.

BrainTrainersUK CBT Webinar

We offer tailored made Mental Health workshops

and wellbeing pop up sessions, that can link into a

theme you as a company would like to address.

Wellbeing  pop up sessions. 1-hour live webinar.

  • Introductory to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Understanding the vicious cycle of anxiety
  • Beating the blues
  • Identifying a mental health problem in your colleagues

CBT Workshops for Companies and Organisations- 3 hours sessions

  • Resilience Training
  • Stigma at work
  • Managing stress with CBT strategies
  • Identifying challenges and barriers in getting back to work

The following courses comprise of 6 sessions

  • CBT for Low self-esteem and confidence
  • CBT for Depression
  • Behavioural activation
  • How to cope with excessive worrying using  CBT Strategies
  • CBT for parents and Children

Individual CBT Therapy50 minutes Sessions with access to BraintrainersUk resources

Contact us for further details.

CBT Mental Health Workshops


“It was a really good session – I found the relaxation techniques and breathing helpful”

Choose from one or more of our existing Mental Health Workshops that enhance your training and development requirements.  All of our Workshops include interactive activities to enhance learning, CBT skills development and tutorials with information and worksheets to take away.  We have highly qualified have trainers who are highly qualified Mental Health Professionals including accredited CBT therapists and registered mental health nurses.  Some of our most popular workshops include:

  • Resilience training – Building a more resilient workforce
  • Being aware of Stigma – Understanding the impact and overcoming stigma in the workplace
  • Strategies to overcome stress at work
  • Looking after your wellbeing – for Leaders and Managers
  • Mental Health Awareness – signs and symptoms of different mental health disorders

Contact us for further details.

Wellbeing Pop-Up Sessions

Are you as a company facing up to the issues of mental health in the workplace?

  • Mental Health Clinics are a good way of starting to introduce different topics of mental health awareness into your workplace.
  • Start to address the stigma and discrimination that can be experienced by your staff by engaging with mental health clinics
  • These one hour Health Clinics are set up within your company at times when staff can pop in to talk over the themes of mental health
  • We segment information related mental health issues alongside learning the basics of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and having time for questions and answers
  • Holding clinics on mental health on a regular basis within your company can increase the conversation of mental health and also how to develop more mental wellbeing resilience
  • Through our training sessions we will be able to promote understanding of mental heath conditions, mental wellbeing and develop staff cohesion which improves stress and so reduces staff sickness and absenteeism
  • These Clinics are run by either Registered Mental Health Nurse, Occupational Therapist or Senior CBT Therapists

Wellbeing Pop-up Sessions

“It was a really good session – I found the relaxation technique and breathing helpful” – Rother District Council

*Due to the Corona Virus We are offering more opportunity for online CBT with our live webinars , The clinics reach out to your staff in giving them support with their mental health in prevention as well as addressing specific areas of concern.

Why not have a Mental Health Awareness day.

BraintrainersUK can be part of your team away day introducing mental health awareness, and relaxation techniques
Even strong teams can benefit from Mental Health Workshops .The benefits with Incorporating this into your team day is that they’re a great way of improving communication around mental illness and improving mental health wellbeing ,increasing motivation, productivity, helping employees or new teams to get to know each other better, and learning about one’s strengths and weaknesses and ways in supporting colleagues with mental health issues

A mentally healthy workplace promotes a positive workplace culture, minimises workplace risks related to mental health, supports people with mental health conditions appropriately and prevents discrimination. Promoting good mental health and creating a positive, productive working environment go hand in hand.

BrainTrainersUK CBT

Online: Individual CBT therapy/supervision  and supporting you  working from home with your mental health.