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Getting Back to work – No worries. Course 1001

BrainTrainersUK Back to Work Webinar

Anxiety is a normal emotion that we all experience, such as in the run up to exams or a job interview. But when anxiety becomes much more severe this feeling can take over and begin to interfere with everyday life by


  • Worrying about everything .Convinced you have no control over worrying
  • Having disturbed sleep, waking up worrying and not being able to get back to sleep. This can leave you feeling mentally and physically exhausted
  • Are you noticing how difficult it is to concentrate because of the racing thoughts that are going through your mind?
  • Experiencing heightened anxiety , feeling on edge, agitated and at times irritable
  • Is the worrying having an impact on relationships?
  • Is worrying stopping you from joining in with family events and meeting friends? Or perhaps anxiety is having an impact on work
  • Noticing physical sensations of threat, heart racing , feeling sweaty and dizziness


This course consists of 3 live webinars based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Strategies.


Included in this course  are three 1-hour  live webinars with Accredited Cognitive Behavioral therapist with over 20 years’ experience within the Mental health field.


Resources that will be emailed to you for in between session work.


Over the 3 webinars you will learn  more about CBT and strategies that will show you  how to think differently ,reduce anxiety and ways to change unhelpful behaviours that are keeping you in the cycle of anxiety. This course is suitable for companies that want to help their staff in being able to tolerate uncertainty of returning to the workplace , or experiencing anxiety whilst  working remotely.

The Get Back to Work course is £75- Per Person. Reduction of 20% for companies wanting to reserve more than 10 places.


For the August 2020 webinar there is an introductory offer of £50 . BraintrainersUK want to  help as many people as we can to be able to reduce the anxiety they are experiencing and get their life back.