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How do we use CBT within our practice and training?  We firstly help understand the patterns of thinking that might occur in certain situations or when faced with certain work-place difficulties.  We can get into habits of thinking as well as habits of behaviours and these can maintain the unhelpful cycles. For example If we are assuming we are ‘stupid’ we will keep thinking this about ourselves and do things to try and protect ourselves from other people’s judgement. We are not challenging this behaviour- and our thoughts and feelings will remain the same.


Braintrainers UK CBT Specialists


We can become set in certain ways of thinking about things and believe these things to be FACTS when they are just our OPINIONS.  Eg When we continue to assume we are stupid and think that when starting a job – we are not going to remember what to do. We might then feel anxious and notice physical sensations in our body.  This impacts on our behaviours – we might not test out whether we remember the task but defer to others to do it or ask for reassurance that we are going to do the right thing.

In the Pop up clinics we focus on different topics in each session.  We can look at topics such as the panic response, depression, the worry cycle and perfectionism.  We ask you to think around questions you might have on this topic beforehand and hope to answer as many as possible in the allocated Q & A period.  This means even if you don’t feel ready to ask a question – someone else might have a similar query and you can share in the learning.

Below gives you an idea of the format of each hour long mental health pop up clinic and why you might want to encourage this format within your own workplace using our skill and expertise to help encourage and share the learning.


Braintrainers UK CBT Specialists


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