When choosing a Specialist in CBT Accreditation Matters!

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Firstly you need to get the basics right….How do you know who to choose as your therapist – what helps you decide?

• Word of mouth is a good start – a recommendation of a good experience depth of knowledge and positive outcomes.

• Looking for the skills that match the problem you have – what experience do they have, what qualification and background in mental health have they got?

• Do they live locally – are you happy to see someone via a video link, telephone or would you prefer to see someone face to face. This will influence the therapist you choose.

• Cost does come into it – are you able to sustain the sessions – how much can you realistically afford – the rates for a good experienced therapist will vary – geographics will play a part in this also.

• Once all of these aspects have been considered – look for therapist’s accreditation.


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BACP Accreditation BrainTrainersUK

Accreditation to a recognised body is an important element when choosing a therapist. It tells you that the therapist shows a commitment to developing skills and learning, as they have to prove they have reached the standard of training supervision and clinical work each and every year.

Accreditation is voluntary. Psychotherapists, including CBT therapists do not have to be accredited to legally practice in the UK – either privately or in employment, (however most employers and agencies require it). If you are seeing a therapist privately – how do you know they are working to a code of ethics or keeping up with new research or getting adequate supervision? What if you are not happy with the therapy you have received? The British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapists (BABCP) is one of the leading registration body’s. This is what they have to say…

“Accreditation means that cognitive and/or behavioural therapists have core professional mental health training or a recognised equivalent, as well as specific CBT training. Their accreditation application will have demonstrated that they meet high standards of training and experience in CBT. They also commit to maintaining our standards of clinical practice, clinical supervision and continuing professional development. Accredited members are audited to ensure that they continue to meet these requirements.” There is also a regulatory strand of being accredited, so when you are looking to work with a therapist , you know they are going to abide by certain rules and you can complain to their accredited body if they are not meeting the standards you would expect or have read about in the code of practice
available in the public domain. All BABCP members agree to abide by the BABCP Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics. They have a complaints and disciplinary process for members who breach these.

Check your Therapist is Registered! The CBT Register is a list of members who hold BABCP Accreditation – both Provisional and Full. Its aim is to protect the public by listing practitioners who have met our professional and training standards. It is consulted by individuals, employers and agencies and is the only way to check a therapists’ current accredited status www.cbtregisteruk.com



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are proud to be accredited with the BABCP and regularly attend professional development days. Look at our about us page to see the breadth of knowledge we bring to every workshop and therapy session. We have regular feedback from our clients which we post as testimonials. Please talk to us about what support you might need for individual work or within the workplace and know that you are dealing with an expert in their field.


BrainTrainersUK CBT BrainTrainersUK CBT BrainTrainersUK CBT BrainTrainersUK CBT

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