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We are trained accredited Cognitive behavioural therapists with many years of experience delivering high quality therapy that works. Your company could benefit from the quick delivery of therapy to enable your staff to remain in work, therefore reducing the cost of sick leave both in financial terms but also in lost efficiency and continuity.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is an evidenced based intervention that enables change in how people think and what they do. We help develop understanding of what the old unhelpful patterns are and how to challenge these to find a new perspective. We look at how to set realistic achievable goals to encourage change. We offer Wellness Action Plans for employees to embed these strategies that have longer lasting impact.

We have a Team of CBT therapists available to offer face to face therapy if you are based in Sussex, or alternatively via phone or skype enabling a very convenient service for your business.

Our Vision


We aim to continue to encourage businesses and organisations to be involved in the mental well-being of all staff.  We deliver the highest quality Cognitive Behavioral Therapy strategies that are tools for life both in the workplace and beyond.  We aim to help support businesses to create a work environment that is supportive and healthy so that staff are more efficient, productive and loyal thus reducing cost of sick-pay and absenteeism.  Our vision is to create a thriving workplace for everyone.

Our Mission


To be attentive and flexible to the needs of each company and deliver a package of workshops, training and individual therapy that meets those needs
To provide consistent high quality therapy, use handpicked therapists that maintian the integrity of our professional standards and clinical excellence.
To become the employer of choice for professionals seeking independent practice in the South East
To ensure we always prioritise client wellbeing and focus on client satisfaction
To deliver high quality interventions using a choice of specialist BABCP accredited consultants.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapists
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HPC Registered Occupational Therapists
BABCP Registered Cognitive Behavioural Therapists
NMC Registered Mental Health Nurses

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